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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hot Dog Mike

Social Networks
Do you use them?
I do.
I like Facebook and Twitter.
That's how I found Hot Dog Mike.
He has a hot dog cart and sets it up all around town.
How do you find out where he'll be?
Twitter and Facebook.
Carl and I tried to find him the first time he went to UALR but alas, his cart broke down.
Kaitlin and Carl found him the next time he was there.
This past Thursday we all found him.
It was delicious.
He gave us free hot dogs for our donations to Toys for Tots.
He gave Kaitlin a bumper sticker that says " I'd rather be eating a hot dog." He was out of the ones that say" I'm on the hot dog diet."

Hot Dog Mike jumped in the picture with us. Justin is his friend who helps him. He is in the background with the Santa hat on. Kaitlin's friend, Marci, was with us too but didn't get in the picture!

This is the chili dog
This is the Woo Pig Hot Dog. Kaitlin didn't get a photo of the Frito Chili Pie Dog. I just got chili dogs. The rest of my group was more adventurous. We all enjoyed our lunch.

The regular hot dogs are $3.00. The specialty dogs are 4 and 5 dollars. He also has cokes and chips each are $1.oo.
He had a turkey dog during the month of November. He is usually near the razorback games when they play in Little Rock.
We hope to find Hot Dog Mike again and again. You may want to find him too. You won't be disappointed!

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