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Saturday, December 11, 2010

One week!

This picture was taken August 21, 2009 as Marisa changed her status to engaged. In a week we will have a picture much like this one as Marisa changes her status on Facebook to married and she changes her last name.
They have an apartment and Marisa already has her artistic touch there even before she moves in. Here is their tree.
Kaitlin made 'bouquets' for the bridesmaids to use for the rehearsal. Here is Marisa's. Kaitlin found the wedding colors for hers.
Here is Marisa at the courthouse getting the marriage license.
These beautiful girls will be wearing dresses in these styles but not these colors in a week.
Just a week! How exciting! This week will be busy but fun. I just had Kaitlin show me how to delete the pictures from my camera that were saved to my computer. There were over 5000 of them. I think I'll have room to capture this week-maybe!

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