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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kaitlin's senior show!

Here she is!
Ann brought three of her grandchildren
The painting with light photos
Her graphic design
Here is the whole gallery. Kaitlin had three walls, two for her photos and one for her graphic design
Dan talking to Grandma
Uncle Larry had a wonderful visit with one of Kaitlin's photo teachers, Gary. Gary graduated from AUBURN so he had a wonderful visit with all the AUBURN grads at the reception.

Desi signing the guest book. Aunt Marian sent Kaitlin the flowers.
Del and Hazel

Carl wore his AUBURN shirt!
Ruth, Clare and Katie

Ashley and Jill
Uncle Charles
Heather, Hannah and HaydenIt was a great reception. We were so blest by those that stopped by to encourage Kaitlin and view her art.

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