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Sunday, April 10, 2011

11 on the 11th, What are you thankful for?

I am coming off a very high 'high' of a wonderful weekend of family and friends who came together to encourage, support and generally love on Kaitlin and her art.

I am thankful for many things including

1- family that flew or drove to spend the weekend in Arkansas with us

2- friends that gave up their Saturday to be with us at UALR

3- Nathan, the wonderful gallery director, who opened up the gallery for us and even the student competition so folks could see lots of art.

4- lots of cousin laughter and new stories

5- and the thread that holds us all together

6- cameras, so that memories can be preserved. Pictures to follow soon!

7- terrible movies that make for funny stories

8- National Championship cokes and National Championship fun tumbler with a lid for my birthday

9- flowers for the sign in table at the reception

10- that Kaitlin has aunts and uncles from both sides of her family that get along and enjoy each other's company so much so that it confuses outsiders as to who is related to whom

11- for the perseverance that God gave Kaitlin, she never wanted to go to college and here she is ready to graduate

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