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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, It must be Mrs Wilkes

Has it been two weeks since we were with Andrew and Taylor? Hard to believe! Two weeks ago today, Carl, Kaitlin and I headed down to some squares in Savannah for Kaitlin to take some pictures and then we planned to meet Andrew for lunch.

This first picture is on the trolley tour of Savannah. I am not sure of the name of the building but the cool thing about the building is the circles you see in the decorations above the semi-circles above the windows. Are you still with me? Do you see them? Well, each circle has a different kind of marble in it and all are found in Georgia. Cool!

Love the Spanish Moss
This monument is where Nathanael Greene is buried. We were introduced to him when we studied the American Revolution when the children were younger. Andrew set out to learn all he could about him. How fitting that Andrew now lives where Nathanael Green is buried. When the American Revolution began he was a militia private, the lowest rank possible, and he emerged from the war with a reputation as George Washington's most gifted and dependable officer. He was given a plantation near Savannah after the war. Eli Whitney was on his plantation and invented the Cotton Gin there.
Here is Kaitlin with her large format camera. The comments we got from other tourists were very funny. They were all impressed with the size of the camera, most of them were using their Iphones to take pictures.

Here is where Andrew wanted to eat lunch. If you ever go to Savannah, put this on your list of places to eat. They are open only from 11-2, they only take cash or checks and the cost is 16.00 a person. We got there at 10:30. We got in to eat at 11:35.

You eat family style with

Kaitlin loved the banana pudding for dessert!

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