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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can I buy you a beer?

So the Crystal Beer Parlor! Great place to eat in Savannah. Mostly you see locals here, not too many tourists. This was the third place we tried to eat on Monday of our visit. Andrew's top place was not open on Monday and we made it to his second recommendation on Thursday. His first place did look a little sketchy but we'll try it next time!

A story within the story--Carl took us to Savannah then had to go on a business trip to Little Rock! The credit card company was not too pleased with the card being used in two different cities at the same time and I appreciate that. The company called Carl with the situation. They gave him the names of the places that the card was being used at. Carl called me. He asked was I using my credit card and where? I said that we had been to AC Moore, Walmart and had gotten gas for the van. Then Carl somewhat lowered his voice and said that someone had used the card at a beer parlor!
"That would be me, Carl" I think Carl was a speechless. Oh well, we got the credit card company alerted and Carl too!

This was the best thing I ate in Savannah. Kaitlin used her fancy app to steer us to them. Gawga Nachoes was what they were called. Chips, sweet bar b que, cheese, onions, sweet pickles and jalapenoes. To say that they were unbelievably fantastic would be an understatement. Next time we go there, with Carl- of course, I'll get this as my meal. We hope to make these soon at home.
And of course dessert... banana egg rolls. It had bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. When we go back, this will be the dessert I get!And for the record, none of us got beer.

I spent the afternoon with these two sillies. I pulled up my camera and this is what I got!

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Jessica said...

Sometimes the sketchy places are the best!!


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