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Monday, February 6, 2012

Frugal February + an extra day

I am a little behind on posting.  Kaitlin and I were able to go on a business trip with Carl last week to Texas.  We had a blast and I am working on those blog posts.

My theme for February is to be frugal. My niece, Barbara, does this every year and I got the idea from her.  It is a gift she gives her husband every year, his birthday is this month.

 My goal is to clean out my pantry and freezer.  I am pretending that we are on the TV show Chopped, and I must use the ingredients that I have in the house.

I also plan to give away 10 bags of stuff that we don't use or need.  I think being frugal is more than just not spending money but being responsible with what we have.

Since we have an extra day this month, we plan to do some extra things on that day or maybe do 29 extra things this month.  Not sure yet.

Simplify, Forgive and Move!  That's my 2012 motto


1 comment:

Sarah Barry said...

I love challenges like this! I am so intrigued by frugality. Look forward to hearing about your progress.

I like what you said about being frugal not just being about not spending.


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