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Friday, February 24, 2012

Texas Trip-LBJ

 This is the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX.  Inside is a coffee shop where LBJ proposed to Lady Bird.  We ate breakfast here on Wednesday morning.
 Yummy breakfast!
 Here is our moveable feast group.  From front left Jim, Kathleen, Carl, me, Jullian, Kay, Nick, Susan, Kaitlin, Mary, and Dave.
 We saw lots of wildflower displays.

This is the second boyhood home of LBJ.  His first home was in a school district that didn't have a high school and his mama wanted all her children to have the opportunity to go to high school.  LBJ and his two brothers and two sisters all graduated from college!

This home got two major improvements while LBJ lived there: screens and a pipe that ran from the well house to a bathtub.  Wow!  no electricity or heated water or indoor bathroom-except the tub.

 Here the Moveable feast had a wonderful lunch.  There is a wonderful junk/antique store next door that we visited.  A large jar of buttons came home with us.
 This is the home of LBJ's grandparents.

 I don't have any pictures of the first home that LBJ lived in but it was also a dog trot.  Jim told us that they kept grass from growing near the house because in west TX the two biggest fears, at that time, were snakes and wildfire.

 Here are the graves of LBJ and Lady Bird.  The cemetery is on the banks of the Perdernales River.  Isn't that a fun word?  Perdernales, I like the way that rolls off your tongue.
 The LBJ Texas White House is a working ranch.  I thought we were going to be hit by a huge cow that was ambling down the path.
 Kaitlin giving a presidential speech

The Texas White House has been added onto several times. Lady Bird died July 2007.  Upon her death the house went to the US government for the Park System.  The family asked the Park system if they could have one more holiday season in the house and they were told yes.  The National Park System has been working on house since January 2008.  They are taking the house back to how it looked when LBJ was president.  It was very interesting.

 Our Moveable Feast ate supper at the Hilltop Cafe.  It is inside an old gas station.  It had Cajun/Greek food.  The menu was fun and the list of specials on the wall was amazing.  I got a hamburger steak- outstanding.  Of course the laughter and conversation at supper was the best part.
 Nick and Susan had to leave us after this meal and they were missed.
we all enjoyed this!

Tomorrow Fredericksburg, TX!

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