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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Texas Trip part IV pink granite and Lysol please

 So on Monday morning Kaitlin and I set out to find us some lunch.  We found a hot dog truck.  yum!
 Kaitlin got the Chicago dog without the sport peppers
 I got a basic chili dog.  We enjoyed them both.
 Our hotel was about 4 blocks from the capitol building.  The building is 360,000 square feet.  I know you will be shocked when I tell you that it is bigger than any other state capitol building.  It was originally made out of limestone but it began to discolor so it was covered in pink granite.  It is beautiful.  Many of the state building are also built of pink granite.
 Here is one of the coolest Civil War statues I have ever seen.  Just under Jefferson Davis, who is standing at the top, are listed the states and when they seceded.  Below are listed the battles in order that they were fought with their dates.

Here is our hotel.  After Kaitlin and I walked around the grounds of the capitol, we headed back to the motel by way of a photography store that she had only seen online and was thrilled to walk into a store front and talk to the folks inside.  It was a Lamography store.  Ask Kaitlin about what all was in it.  I am not sure.  There were lots of pretty pictures inside!

Austin has lots of benches so I could walk awhile and then have a nice back resting sit.

Tuesday Kaitlin woke up with a 24 hour bug.  The folks in the motel could not have been nicer and she was well taken care of when we needed anything.  Thankfully, Carl and I didn't get it.  I did bring Lysol with me and I sprayed every surface that I could.

Tomorrow is part I of our Moveable Feast!

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