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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Texas Trip- last days

 This picture was taken on Feb 2 but I didn't need to tell you that because you recognized the groundhog and then you noticed his shadow.  He traveled with us so we knew about the shadow before you did.  If you travel with us on Feb 2, you will be in the know with us.
 It was a foggy morning when we arrived at The National Museum of the Pacific War.  The fog made the building mysterious and then we realized the building is in the shape of a sub and the wall by the sidewalk was not straight but in the shape of a wave.  I was impressed even before we went inside.

I could go back to this museum in a heart beat and we plan to.  I want to go here with Andrew.  We spent 4 hours.  I read and took in the displays and then wrote down a few battles I had never heard of so I could read up on them.
This picture is for Andrew.  I read Andrew a book when he was 6 years old on the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  That book ignited his love of history and mine too.  Once when an older man knew that Andrew was a little knowledgeable about Pearl Harbor and was homeschooled, said older man asked Andrew "How many ships were sunk on Dec 7, 1941?"  Said older man wasn't in favor of homeschooling and wanted to prove his point with Andrew.  Said Mother here was rushing to Andrew's side when I realized what was happening- Andrew was 7 at the time.  Andrew, with the innocence of a lamb, gently asked said jerk  older man, "Do you mean ships that were lost forever or ships that we could bring up and repair?" Said Mother did her happy dance at that time!

 Here is a B-25 Billy Mitchell bomber.  I have seen the movie '30 Seconds over Tokyo' a million times and feel a kinship with this plane.  A plane like this was flown by The Doolittle Raiders in April of 1942.
 Less foggy picture of the museum.  Notice the 'wave wall'.

I rode around the museum in a hoveround.  Her name was Zippy.  Zippy and I bonded.  Carl- I want my own Zippy! Please!
 Our lunch was served in this spa. I believe it was the Herb Farm and Spa.  Would love to come here and stay.  Maybe when I go back with Andrew, we can stay here!
 The town of Fredericksburg, TX was a laid out with great thought.  It was founded in 1846 by German Immigrants.  The streets are VERY WIDE so that a horse drawn wagon could make a complete turn around in the street with great ease.
Last Supper of the Moveable Feast. We ate at Navajo Grill.  Outstanding, as were all our meals!

On Friday we were headed back to LR but we had to get this girl to the Alamo.  Kaitlin learned a song about the Alamo many years ago and going here was on her bucket list.  She was stunned that it is right in the middle of town.  Kaitlin would spout out knowledge about the Alamo that she knew from her song, as we walked around.  One thing I learned was that there are no graves from the battle.  Santa Ana burned all the bodies.

We had a great trip to Texas!  I am ready to go back again or maybe we'll head north with our next trip.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ellen,
I wondered if you went to the Herb Farm. I loved that place. I was on a tour bus from San Antonio for the day while Mike was at a Y2K meeting. The tour bus driver offered to take another lady and me there while the rest of the group shopped. (We also did the Johnson Ranch and stopped at Luckenbach on the way back to the hotel.)


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