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Monday, February 20, 2012

Texas Trip V, Moveable Feast I

I was a bit under the weather last week. I know you have been waiting with bated breath to find out about the rest of our trip...  Here we go...

 On Tuesday night, in Austin, I went to supper with three other wives, whose husbands were also at the same meeting Carl was attending.  We went to Perry's.  Oh, my!  That evening was so much fun.  Great food and even better visiting with 3 wonderful ladies.  First the food- I had a bone-in filet.  I still think about that steak.  Kay recommended it.  It was melt in your mouth good.  We got several great sides but I couldn't even tell you what they were but I can tell you that my steak was amazing.

Susan got this fun entree.  It came 'hanging'.  She gets the prize for the best entree presentation.

I had to take a picture in the bathroom of the TV in the mirror. I was amazed and tried to act very cool like I had seen this every day.  I wish you had been there to see how smooth I acted as I casually snapped this shot.  Notice that I didn't even get myself in the shot- somewhat like MacGyver, what do you think Keith??

I had supper with Kathleen, Kay and Susan.  We have been together on several business trips.  We discussed everything from books to children to travel.  But more importantly, we laughed.  These women are all deliberate.  That really fires me up to be more deliberate in my life.

One example of deliberateness is from Kathleen.  She shared once that she wanted to read all of  Margaret Truman's mysteries.  What a cool goal!  I googled Margaret Truman after I saw her newest book Monument to Murder  at the library.  Kaitlin checked it out because her interest was piqued by Kathleen's reading goal.  Margaret Truman wrote 35 books!  25 were mysteries and 10 nonfiction.  Kaitlin enjoyed the book she checked out.  It started in Savannah and since she had been there it meant all the more to her.  All Margaret's ( I feel like we are friends with her now) books end or take place in or near Washington, DC.  I will have to add that Kaitlin didn't finish the book when her favorite character proved to be the murderer!  The first book that Margaret wrote is Murder in the White House.   It has been made into a movie called Murder at 1600.  We love that movie and I was stunned to find out that she had written it.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  You will be on the edge of your seat til the very end.  I have two of Margaret's books checked out now, First Ladies and The Presidents House. I am really enjoying them.

Kathleen and her husband, Jim, live in Texas and led us on a two day tour which started on Wednesday morning. We ate very well on our tour!  Kay said that we needed to call our outing a 'Moveable Feast' More on that tomorrow!!

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