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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Texas Trip Part I- Where is RGIII?

 Carl's job requires lots of travel.  Two weeks ago today Kaitlin and I were able to go with him on a trip.  Our trip was to Texas so we could drive, which I loved because I didn't have to fly and Kaitlin loved because she could pack as much as she wanted to!

We left early on Saturday morning and we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants, Cracker Barrel!!!  Well, I should qualify this and say that Kaitlin and I love Cracker Barrel and Carl loves us.  As the days will reveal, we did eat at some unusual places- some I'd recommend and some, not so much.  Carl loves eating at local, unusual places.  I am working on liking eating at those places too.  

After a wonderful breakfast by the fabulous fire, we hit the road again.  We were headed to Waco for the night.  We did stop at Bill's in Corsicana, TX for lunch.  I would recommend it to you.  It is definitely local, southern cooking and it was good. 

 We stopped to get gas and powder our noses near the restaurant.  As Kaitlin and I came back out to the van, Carl was in some strange person's Tahoe.  Well, the person wasn't strange but rather a stranger to us.  It was a women in a Tahoe extended cab with a Uhaul trailer.  She had pulled into the gas station but in doing so had gotten so close to these polls that she was stuck in between them and couldn't move in any direction.  Carl aka MacGyver was able to get in her vehicle and pull just a little this way and then again just a little that way and suddenly, Viola, she was unstuck.  She thanked us and we were on our way!   

This is a picture of RGIII with the Heisman
 I love seeing college campuses.  Since we were staying the night in Waco I wanted to see Baylor.  The folks there could not have been nicer.  We parked the car twice to get out and walk around. Folks asked almost immediately if we needed help.  I wanted to go to the bookstore and I wanted to see Robert Griffin III or at least his socks.  We found the bookstore but alas, no RGIII or his socks.  Seriously, if I was the bookstore, I'd have some wild socks.

Rabbit Trail- Robert Griffin III won the Heisman trophy in 2011.  He is known for his wild socks, ie Elmo, pokey dot, etc.  The night of the Heisman ceremony He was asked to show his socks, they were superman socks and they had capes on them.  The socks went viral and everyone bought them and I still don't have a pair!  

Ok, back to Baylor...  Their bookstore is awesome.  Kaitlin was impressed with all the Apple products they sold.   

 I knew they were the Baylor bears but I didn't know there really was a bear.  There is.  No picture because they were sleeping in the shade and with the reflection off the glass, so just trust me, I'm looking at two bears.
I recognized this building from college game day.  This was the backdrop for their set when they were there. 
There is a lot of sky in Texas!

  I was stunned to find out that the Baylor stadium in not in Waco, it is in Beverly Hills, Texas which is the next town over. I guess I picture most stadiums like AUBURN right in the middle of campus.

 We saw the Lone Star on lots of things in Texas.

 More pretty Texas sky.  I know what you are thinking, everything is bigger in Texas.
 Here we are at supper.  We looked on tripadvisor and found the top rated place.  It was too crowded so we went to the second highest rated place- Health Camp.  Now what would you think we would eat there?  If you guessed burgers, you guessed correctly!!!!
They were good too.  We all got a different side- tater tots, fries and onion rings.  I got a chocolate, peanut butter and banana shake.  Yum yum!!  We all enjoyed the shake too.   
 It looked like a 50's burger joint.
It is located right off a traffic circle.  I am glad MacGyver   Carl was driving!!

Tomorrow we meet the Texas Chain Saw restaurant in Taylor, Texas.  Carl says it was an electric knife but I am not so sure...

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