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Monday, February 13, 2012

Texas Trip Part III Wildflowers and Unicorns

On Sunday we went to the LBJ library in downtown Austin, TX.  LBJ had three homes that we planned to tour after Carl's meetings so we toured his library to learn more about him.  I was 5 when he became president.  The only thing I remember from his presidency is that Lady Bird, his wife, loved wild flowers, so I was looking forward to learning more.

The library is free and it was undergoing renovation so we didn't get to see it all but what we did see we all enjoyed.  
 This is the view from the top floor.  That is University of Texas stadium.
Pictures that you take when you have an artsy person with you.
 Getting ready to watch a video on LBJ so we would know what we were seeing.  One thing that they did at the library that really helped me was as you walked along the exhibits showing what LBJ did, a timeline was above it showing what was going on in the world at the same time.
 We all enjoyed the wall of Presidents
 Kaitlin's favorite is James K. Polk
 I love TR
 Carl picked the fifth president!
 This was an interactive exhibit.  LBJ would talk as you walked by.  Kaitlin wasn't aware of this and nearly jumped out of her skin.  Sorry I don't have a picture of that!!
 The oval office as it was when he was president
 LBJ was know for having three TV's close by all the time so he could keep up with the news.  He even had a remote control for the TV's.
 Lady Bird's beautiful White House china.  Notice the wildflowers.

 Carl, Kaitlin and LBJ
This is a Olmec head.  Kaitlin learned about this art during one of her Art History classes.  
 After the library we went to the Texas Military Museum.  Very interesting.  I wrote down a few battles to read more about.  Carl walked through the museum and showed us all the vehicles he could buy off of ebay.  I won't be surprised if I drive up and I have a weapons carrier in the front yard one day!
 Some very cool dioramas.  This one of the Alamo.
This last picture is one that is taken by a girly girl with a wonderful attitude.  She has been to so many war museums and goes cheerfully.  She interprets life differently than her brothers.  When she was little and  played army with her brothers she always packed dishes and her dolls to go in her fox hole.

Here is her unicorn aka Lady Gaga posing with a tank since they both have something in common.  Get it?  Very clever!

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fgpuckett said...

Lady Bird loving wild flowers is the only thing I remember about LBJ as well!


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