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Saturday, May 18, 2013

25 years and a day!

Marisa and Andrew share the same birthday and that was yesterday.  I gave Andrew a post of his own and today we will honor Marisa.  As I looked back thru my pictures I didn't find any of just Marisa so I plan to change that soon.  (I know this amazing photography).  In this first picture, Marisa and Kaitlin photobombed poor Atticus as he attempted to eat a loaf of bread!
Here is Marisa smiling at her littlest love of her life on Christmas Eve!
Here is a beautiful painting that hangs in my house every December that Marisa painted for me.
Here are Marisa and Kaitlin in Iowa City one blizzard, I mean, one December day during our visit to see cousin Charlie graduate.
Here is a visor that John was trying to decide whether he needed or not.  Not won the day!
My latest painting by Marisa- a four seasons tree.  I love it!
I am so glad that Marisa is in our family.  She has seen me after I got my back injections- crazy was the theme for that day, she has been a little chilly while she swam with the Manatees with us- a little chilly is not the truth: ITWASFREEZING!, she is our fashion police even if Andrew and Carl don't understand, she is a wonderful wife and an amazing mama!  

Sweet Girl, I hope your day was fantastic and your 25th year the best ever!

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