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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Foolish Galatians, Foolish Ellen

Carl is teaching Sunday School this semester on the book of Galatians. I have learned so much.

- Many of the same issues brought up in Galatians are in Romans
- The Law is like a mirror, it shows us how things are but also like a mirror, it can't fix anything.  If you look in the mirror and your hair is a mess, the mirror can't fix your hair!
-my inheritance doesn't start when I die, it started at redemption
-chapter 4 vs19- Christ is formed in me- this shows the passiveness of salvation
-Paul's conversion was amazing, Isaac's birth was supernatural and my conversion and yours equals the amazing, supernaturalness of both those events.  Every conversion is a wonderful gift!  Marvel in that today!

Above is a new Bible that my friend, LindaG recommended.  I have enjoyed the layout and comments that I have read so far.

Below is Gpapa with Mr Wonderful and boy are they having some kind of conversation.  I hope Atticus always listens to Gpapa like this.  On a side note, isn't that a cute little fat baby hand!

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