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Monday, May 27, 2013

Dan and Becca Part II

The first thing I saw was where the A's play and next door the Raiders play.

Here is a picture of the Bay Bridge.

Here is my first view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Breath-taking.  I never grew tired of looking at it. I finally had to stop taking pictures of it.
I have always heard of of Pier 39 but I thought that was just a place.  I didn't realize that Pier 39 was the 39th in the long line of piers.  Here is Pier 9.

Our first destination was Muir Woods.  How beautiful and calm and cool.

 Below is the tree described above.
 I love how they cut the tree to fit the walkway.
 As we stopped to enjoy the beauty we saw this deer!
It was a great first stop!  The weather was so cool almost chilly and I loved it.  More tomorrow!

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