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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daniel and Rebecca Part III, going north

I was so excited to see an In-N-Out burger that we ate lunch there!  It was yummy!

My brother, John, enjoys segway tours. John, you could tour San Fran that way!
 Oh yes, we shared a sundae at Ghirardelli's.  It was so good.
 My cute date/ tour guide for our trip!
The Pacific Ocean!

One of Rodin's Thinkers.
We drove all over the city.  We parked by the beach for a few minutes and watched the waves.  Not a lot of folks swimming because the water is so chilly.
 Here is the gate into China Town.
 This sign is for Carl and Kaitlin and all of you horn honkers out there!!!!!!!  I just laughed when I saw it!
More pictures of the Bay.
What you see out in the water is Alcatraz.  It looks ominous!
The tallest tower you see in the picture on the right is Coit Tower.   It is at the top of Telegraph Hill.
Scoma's is one of Carl's favorite restaurants.  It is a local restaurant and you have to know where you are going to get there.

Carl loves the clam chowder and the Cioppino.

I got Risotto with Prawns.  It was wonderful!

Here's is what Carl's Cioppion looked like.
After supper we headed to Napa Valley, California.  The reason for our trip was a business trip Carl had to Napa Valley.  His meetings were held at The Silverado.  It was really nice!!!!!

I don't know what I expected California to look like but I was delighted and surprised with every turn.  Everywhere we turned in Napa there were rows and rows of grapes.  We saw new sprigs, teenagers and full grown adult plants.  I learned at the wine tasting that we did, that Napa is a unique valley.  Because of it's location it gets cool every night- 40's or 50's, and the day time temps can get warm.  They have a few 100 temp days, a few more 90 degree days, many 80 and 70 degree days.  We also saw large fans in the fields.  Those are to blow away the frosty mist that would settle on the grapes and damage them.

The final picture is from our motel room.  We had a beautiful view.

Whenever we are out and folks are taking pictures I always try to offer to take pictures of groups who need someone to take a picture so the whole group can be in the picture.  Most folks let me but were stunned that I offered.  When we were in Napa, I offered and the lady with the camera asked if I was from the south.  I told her yes I was!  She said that she wasn't surprised because that seemed like good southern hospitality.  Way to go Southerners!

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Jennifer Luttrell said...

Alcatraz is ominous!! I toured it several years ago and its spooky but very interesting!!


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