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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daniel and Rebecca take a trip, Part I

 I married Daniel Boone.  I married a man that loves to travel and he married a girl that loves to stay home.  I love being Rebecca Boone.  My job is to hold down the fort while Daniel is out in the wilderness exploring new things.  Now that the children are grown, Daniel likes for Rebecca to join him on a trip every now and again.  Another problem is that Rebecca does NOT like to fly.

Well, Daniel and Rebecca Carl and I headed off last week to the California!!!!  We first flew to Houston and then to Oakland.  Houston to Oakland is a LONG flight!
 The great thing Carl did about our flights was that I didn't have to change planes.  Because of my back I am unable to walk thru an airport without resting many, many times.  Most times the folks that push the wheel chairs are wonderful but I have also had The Grinch's brother and that leaves an impression on you and not a good one!
 Here I am on the ground in Houston with the 4 other folks from LR that are also flying to Oakland.  Darren McFadden- former AR running back that now plays for Oakland Raiders- was one of the four.  I thought I recognized him in the line to board and then Houston Nutt- former AR coach- got off the plane we were to board and fondly greeted him.

My sweet Kaitlin made me a wonderful playlist.  It helped with the turbulence.
 Here is the van Carl rented.

 Here is me as we crossed the Bay Bridge.  There were 11 lanes of traffic that had to fit into 4.  I went to my happy place and thanked God Carl was driving!!!!!!!
 Here is the Bay Bridge!
 Being the technology sound person that I am I uploaded a video below that I can't delete.  If you can get it to play enjoy!!
 More pictures and stories tomorrow!

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