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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bible Study

Last week in Bible Study we studied chapter 9 called Unfailing Love in the book The Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin.

One subject that was fascinating to me was the difference between annual and perennial friends. The author says that most friends are like annuals, they bless you for a season and then they are gone but even their leaving is a blessing because that makes room for new and different ones. Perennials come back faithfully each year and the annuals may add color, variety and beauty when the perennials are not at their peak.

One lady at Bible Study, Mary Ann, said that that reminded her of lace. The reason the lace is beautiful is because of the holes. So that when annual friends move on, they leave something beautiful.

I was glad to read and hear this. I have tried to make all my friends perennials and I have tried to be a perennial friend to many. No wonder I have failed. Some times I have been mad or frustrated with friends that just 'weren't there' for me. I know there is sin in the world and people fail us but this was very insightful for me.

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Abbie said...

What a great perspective on friendships!


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