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Monday, November 10, 2008

A recipe that will feed a crowd

We had two parties this weekend. One on Saturday night and another on Sunday night. Saturday night was a party for the families of the children that Marisa babysits for on a regular basis. They all enjoyed seeing her room. The girls and mamas loved that it was PINK. In my cleaning over the summer I came across the Fisher Price toys that my children played with as youngsters. Kaitlin had a blast setting up the house, garage and the firehouse with all the people, dogs and cars etc. The children were delighted with the toys.

We ate a meal I learned when I was living in the Home Management House at AUBURN. My friend, Barbara Peake, served it and it is a family favorite. My children call it Hawaiian Pile-on.

Cooked Chicken in cream of chicken or chicken broth
chow mien
and sometime almonds

You can make the recipe as big or as small as you need.
I put the toppings out in bowls and let my guests add as they wish. I usually serve this with whole green beans and sister shubert rolls.

Try it, they will like it.

More on the second party after pt


Abbie said...

Yum! Anything that combines chicken & coconut sounds good to me.

Britt said...

Dinner was very yummmmmyyyyyy. Thanks. :)

hazel said...

i think i've had this meal before either at your house or back in our north carolina church. isn't that funny, i can't remember where.....hurry tell me about your second party of the weekend. inquiring minds want to know.


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