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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We had an early morning

John came home from college last night so we could all go vote together. We left the house at 7 and got to the polling place, parked and in line at 7:15. The man behind us got to the poll at 6 am because his wife told him that is when the polls opened. They opened at 7:30. He went home and got back in bed until 7.

I was voter 75 when I turned my ballot in.

This was John and Marisa's first time to vote.

I was back in my car at 8:15.

Kaitlin should have been a boy scout. She is always prepared. She brought cereal to eat while in line. Here are photos from our voting.


z said...

"and i'm proud to be an american because at least i know i'm free!" (words from some patriotic song i love; sung during half-time at the hula bowl in maui when han and i went.)

voting always reminds me of my dad who was VERY political in arkansas and nationwide actually. he met many presidents! he was a BIG democrat but got in trouble for criticizing clinton before he was the nominee so he wasn't a pushover just because someone was in his party. also heard after he died that he was part of the walk when martin luther king made his famous speech.....(i think i've got that right.)

i'm good about voting every 4 years, not so good at the in-between times. it's always such a privilege and a fun time. it's so fun to chat with those you stand in line with for hours. our early voting wait this year was 2 hours.

the family that votes together stays together. oh, no, i think that's something

Abbie said...

Loved the photos!


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