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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bunko Bug has Bitten

The photographer in her own picture. For those who don't know this is Kaitlin and yes, I know she has on two different shoes and yes, she had to buy two pairs to accomplish this feat (hehe).
KimT, Nancy, Lavinia and Bri

Virginia( yes, Abbie that is your mama), Nicole, Deborah and Susanne

Marisa, Julie, Sonya and me- in my mama's pillbox hat

Emily our wonderful planner and emece

Kaitlin and Desi
Last night at church we had a Bunko and Bonnets night and it was a blast! Most of us there had never played Bunko before last night.

For those who have never played a quick run down on the rules we used are: Your goal is for you and your partner to get 21 points, this is acheved in several ways, each 6 you roll is a point, each 3 of a kind is 5 points, if you roll all snake eyes and you lose all your points, 3 sixes is Bunko - You scream Bunko and everyone claps and you win immediately. You keep a tally of 'wins' , 'losses' and every time you had a Bunko. After each round you move to a new table.

Also required was that we all wear a hat, cap, or bonnet. Prizes were given for the best and funniest. Prizes were given for most wins, most loses and most Bunkoes. I was tied with Connie for most Bunkoes and we had a 'roll off' to see who won. I did! I won a gift certificate to get my nails done. What fun!
Evelyn asked me if I knew why I won. I said " God". She said if that was the answer she would have won! :) Then we both dissolved into fits of laughter.
For those who missed it, you need to be at the next one.


Abbie said...

Oh how fun!

I love that lady in the pink zebra hat! What a treat to get to see her. :-)

Everyone looks so great. I applaud whoever had this wonderful idea!

z said...

ain't no lackin' of good time at that church of yorn!


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