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Monday, December 15, 2008

Here is great new recipe

I had these last night at a party for the officers of our church. I loved them and can't wait to make them.

Iced Cranberries from Nancy

1-2 bags Fresh Cranberries
1 Lg bag Powdered Sugar

1 raw Egg White
1/4t Orange Oil (I use Boyajian brand Orange Citrus Oil-Can be ordered from Item # 1058 (1oz) or1060 (5oz).

Pour fresh cranberries in a colander. Rinse well with cold water. Pick out soft cranberries and discard. Also pick off any remaining stems. Gently dry cranberries on a paper towel. Place dry cranberries in a large covered container. (I use a tupperware cake taker)
Break egg white over cranberries, add about a 1/4 teaspoon of Orange Oil or a little (emphasis on little) more if you prefer a stronger orange flavor.Using your CLEAN hands, stir and coat all the cranberries with the egg white and oil.
Once they are well coated, wash the slimy gross egg white off your hands.
Shake a 1/2 of a bag Confectioners sugar over the cranberries, cover, and shake.
Separate cranberries, add more sugar, cover, shake.
Repeat these steps until cranberries are completely covered and the sugar coating starts looking dry, this will be a white color not icky grayish color.
If they are still an icky grayish color, add more sugar.Spread out on jelly roll pan or cookie sheet with lip.
Place in the refrigerator - UNCOVERED. The coating will harden overnight.
Always remember, and don't ever forget! POP! DON'T NIBBLE! Tell your friends! Lest they become pucker pusses!

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abbie said...

Sounds like a great recipe!

It's great to get caught up on your blog. I love Christmas cards as well--it's the best mail month of the year. :-)

See you in LR soon.


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