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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Food , Fun and Fellowship

Some friends joined us at our house last night for supper and game playing. I usually dread the 26th because most of the hoopla is over so I planned a party. We ate a meal that Carl's mama cooked and we all love. After supper we played Telephone-Picturary.

First the meal. Pork tenderloin cooked for an hour at 350, then add sauerkraut and hot dogs and cook for another hour. Serve this with creamed potatoes and applesauce. This is best eaten in layers so that you get every flavor in each bite. Yum yum. I usually serve this with green beans so that we have some green with all the bland colors. Marisa is allergic to pork so I put a chicken breast in a dish and cooked it with some sauerkraut. She said that it was great.

Now the game- We had 9 folks playing so each person got 9 pieces of paper. First number each piece of paper . We did. 1-9. On the first piece of paper you write a sentence- any sentence. Then you pass the entire group of papers, in our case that was 9 pieces. So now you have a new group of papers. You read the sentence and you draw a picture describing want you just read. Then you pass that group on until you have written or draw on every group of papers. Then we go through and read the groups to see the sequence. It is hilarious.

Ed sharing a laugh
Marisa and John

Bri and Kaitlin


Dan and Nancy.
If you need a fun game to play I highly recommend this one

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fgpuckett said...

I remember playing that with you all too!


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