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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the End, God wins

I read this at Radical Womanhood. Carolyn McCulley's blog was especially encouraging on the 23rd. She used some quotes from Tim Keller. Here is one

There are a lot of people in this world who have a passion for justice and a compassion for the poor but have absolutely no assurance that justice will one day triumph. They just believe that if we work hard enough long enough, we'll pull ourselves together and bring some justice to this world. For these people, there's no consolation when things don't go well.
But Christians have not only a passion for justice but also the knowledge that, in the end, justice will triumph. Confidence in the justice of God makes the most realistic passion for justice possible. here is the rest


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katybraden said...

The man who started International Justice Mission said that he had just returned from rwanda years ago and was sitting on the DC metro and people were walking past him, oblivious to the pain in Africa....not hateful, just blissfully ignorant and unaware. He sat there praying, Lord, where is the justice for Africa, for Rwanda, for the world?

and he suddenly heard God tell him, "You are the justice for the world. My people are the justice for this world."

What a neat reminder that although the Lord brings justice, he will use us daily to make this world more just. Merry Christmas!


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