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Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is a handy device that Carl found last year. With my back situation I am to limit my bending over. I have these devices on all the Christmas lights in the house. I can turn them on with the touch of my foot.
The leon candles that mama had for years broke so I had to buy my own. I know that some of you have them spelling Noel and that is your choice. Andrew for years had them spelling Nole. Sometimes I try to spell Noel and someone with change them back to leon. oh well, what's a mama to do.

Here is one of the beautiful ornaments that I got from my parents tree.

tree in the dining room

Andrew didn't have too many keepsakes on the tree so we added some in 2004.

these are the shoes Kaitlin wore home from the hospital when she was born.

these are John's home from the hospital shoes.

tree in the den
trees in the kitchen window.


Abbie said...


I love it.

Maybe next time I'll sing "The first LEON, the angel did say..."


Kim Tramel said...

I vote for the den tree

kathy b said...

Oh I just wish I could sit in front of those trees with you for hours and just soak it all in. It all looks wonderful, friend.

hazel said...

for some reason what i hear in my head after reading this and your previous blog is the song from the wonderful jewish movie "fiddler on the roof" where tevye and then probably the whole cast/choir joins in: "tradition! tradition, tradition....tra-di-tion!!" can you hear it?


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