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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am thankful

1- 10 years ago John, Kaitlin and I were on our way to an exercise class where Kaitlin and John helped babysit while I exercised. As the phones started ringing letting all of us know what was happening in NYC and at the Pentagon, the song that we were exercising to was 'God is in control'. How fitting that was! I am thankful that He is in control!

2-10 years ago, Carl was at work getting ready to leave that afternoon for a trip. I called him with the news of the attack. He came home to us that night. I am thankful he was in town when it happened.

3-10 years ago our church had a prayer meeting that Tuesday night. We sat in a circle and held hands as we prayed. Folks from my church knew folks that were pilots or lived in NYC and worked in the Twin Towers or in some way could have been impacted by the events of the day. I am thankful for the beauty and the comfort of that prayer meeting.

4-10 years ago one of Carl's brothers, Larry, was in Washington DC getting ready to go to a briefing with a Senator. Needless to say it was cancelled. He had already checked out of his motel because he was scheduled to fly out that afternoon. His story of his trip back to Alabama is very interesting. He said that it was lesson in team building. He met several strangers all headed south. They( not sure how many) rented a car and crammed into it and drove south, they checked airports and rental car places in cities they passed to get another car. They finally found a second car. The folks then figured out a path for both cars to get everyone home. Larry was going the furthest south so he drove one, dropping folks off at their towns or near their towns where someone could pick them up. I am thankful Larry made it home safely.

5-10 years ago Andrew was a sophomore at AUBURN. When I talked to him that day, I could hear the panic in his voice or maybe it was just that I wanted all my babies with me! I told Carl that we needed to go see Andrew. We left that Thursday and headed to AUBURN. I didn't tell Andrew our plans in case something came up at work for Carl. I talked to Andrew on Thursday and asked where he wanted to eat supper on Thursday night. I forget what restaurant he picked out. After we talked a little longer I said "Walk out of your dorm and into our van and let's go eat supper!" He was overjoyed as was I. Andrew slept in our motel room that night with us because I needed us all to be together. I am thankful that my family was able to all be together that week.

6- we live in a city with an Air Force base. We often have service men and women attending church with us. They are prayed for by name every Sunday, even more so, when they are deployed. I am thankful for them and the service they do for me and my family.

7- July 2002, we flew into Boston's Logan airport. On our flight we met a flight attendant that should have been on one of those flights. Her mother called the morning of 9/11 and needed to go to the doctor. Our attendant got a replacement and took her mother to the doctor. She couldn't go back to work for several months because she felt guilt and then fear. She went back because she loves her job and didn't want bin laden to take that away from her. Very sobering for us. I am thankful for all those who had the courage to get back to doing their jobs.

8- I am thankful for our flag and what it means.

9- I am thankful for the courageous men and women on those flights that knew what was about to happen.

10- I am thankful for the USA and that I was blest to be born and live here.

11- I am thankful for Jesus Christ and His life given for me that I may have eternal life with Him. I am so blest!

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