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Friday, September 16, 2011

Too Much CSI?

Carl had some trouble with his car so we played 'Musical Vehicles' on Thursday.  He drove the van I usually drive so he left through the garage instead of the back door.  I stopped on my way home from Bible Study and got a few groceries. With the groceries, I decided to park in the garage to unload them.  As I opened up the garage there was a stool in the middle.  I couldn't get in without moving it.  Why was it there?  Maybe Carl put it there to remind me not to park there?!?  Sure, that had to be it!

I parked outside and just brought some of the groceries in the house.  I talked to Carl latter in the day and I  asked him about the stool.  He had no idea why the stool was there.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck, no idea?!?  I didn't either.  Now I am afraid to go out to the garage.  Maybe the stool is a sign for something, maybe it is to show that my van is not at home, maybe if I move it ...

I creeped myself out.  I didn't move the stool but I sure kept a look out for any unusual activity.  I would see them if they came back. -How did they get in in the first place?  they were good!  no doors left unlocked or open-

Kaitlin came home at 4.  She asked why I didn't park in the garage?  I told her, quietly, just in case.  She calmly walked out to the garage and moved the stool, nothing fell on her head- there was nothing above her but the ceiling but on the tv stuff falls from overhead a lot, no bullets rang out, no nothing!

Then she calmly reminded me that she set the stool up that morning to wait for a few minutes until I was ready and she was enjoying the beautiful weather.  She apologized for not moving it.

I was relieved that the next mass murderer had not set up camp near us and the mystery was solved.

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