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Monday, September 26, 2011

I survived my visit to the library

I went to the library today.  I just put my big girl panties on, faced my fears, and walked in to pay for the book I lost.  I went up to the desk when a friendly looking librarian was manning the circulation desk.   She checked in all my books and then I confessed that I was ready to pay for the book I lost and get it off my conscious.  She was very sympathetic.  She told me that I needed to wait for the library to send me a bill but then she said " Let me check with the head librarian."  Oh no, you guessed it, Miss Looked Stern Over Her Glasses at Me came to the computer where Miss Friendly was.  She is the head librarian!  Yikes!!  After she nailed me with another stern look, she asked Miss Friendly if someone had checked the shelf.  Miss Friendly checked the computer and then said that no one had.  She told me to cross my fingers and went to check the shelf....... and ...... she ..... Found the book!

I think she would have done a little happy dance with me if Miss Stern wasn't standing there.  She was as happy as I was.  She thanked me for wanting to set my record straight, for wanting to get right with the library.

As I thanked her profusely, she was quick to point out that the idea to check the shelf belonged to Miss Stern (not what she called her).

So I am glad Miss Stern was at the library today.  I think she even cracked a very small smile as I said "Thank You!"

I will sleep well tonight, my library record has been cleared.

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RoPaBu said...

Same thing happened to me!! Only in my version, I played I was Miss Stern... but I found the book!

Its those new-fangled checkout pads. They're awesome, but treturous.


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