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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is there a Guess in the house?

My friend, Clare, has a friend, whose last name is Guess.  He was used to all the teasing but he did admit it was the worst when he joined the army.  Can you imagine the conversation when the drill sergeant called upon him to state his name and his answer was Guess, Sir!!!!!  It didn't go well until both parties came to an understanding.

What is in a name?

When we go to a local sandwich shop we always have to give a name for them to call out and I love giving Kaitlin's name because she rolls her eyes at me. Now we have a contest to see who can say a name first when the guy asks for a name.  Alas, she usually wins and gives out our last night, but soon, don't tell her, I'm going to say "Elvis" or "Prince" or "Madonna" and we'll see what she does?!?!

Here's an article you will enjoy along these lines

So do you always give out your real name??


Transforming Julie said...

I've used different names and it is fun! I have to really be on it so I don't forget that I gave an alias and wait to hear my real name.

mandy p. said...

one time we went to go pick up peiwei, for which stuart had given his name simply as "stuart" and even spelled it for them. we look at the ticket as we're leaving and see "sewerat" written as his name. sewer.rat. :) now he just says "stu."


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