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Thursday, September 22, 2011

October Resolution

I keep a notebook by my computer, well actually, I keep several but in one I write all the books that are mentioned online or in newspapers that I want to read.  I usually then see if my library has them and if they do, I request them.   If not, I toy with buying them.

Well, for the month of October, I plan to just write down the books that sound good but... drum roll...I don't plan to request any from the library or buy them....Has she lost her mind...maybe...I plan to read books that I already have...what a shocking statement!  I know, I know, can you believe I plan to do this.

Some of it has to do with feeling bad about the books that I have here that I haven't read and some of it-most of it- has to do with the way the librarian looked over her glasses at me the last time I went to the circulation desk.  I asked a question and she had to pull up my account.  She then paused and took a long look at me before she said that I have two 14 day books out past due.  I almost pulled a chair up and sat myself in the corner.  Wow, if looks can make you bring books back, this librarian has them.

I have also...lost a book. There I said it.  It wasn't even a good book so when I pay for it, if I find it, I'll gladly give it back to the library and they will have two copies.

I don't plan to go pay for my book when 'miss stern looking librarian' is behind the desk.  I may go to a different branch to pay for it.  I'll let you know.

To get fired up for this I am perusing my shelves and setting books aside.  I'll get that list to you soon.

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