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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Billy Goats Gruff

We live out in the country. I love all the many things we see as we travel down the byways to the big city.

On one of our main pathways, we pass a house with a large fenced in area that is home to Alfred, Betsy, C, D, and a few without names. Who are these , you ask?

They are GOATS. They belong to the man I get my firewood from. We have gotten wood from him for years and one day Kaitlin saw him out with the goats. Kaitlin and Marisa have given us the goat update since they first noticed the goats and now that we knew who owned the goats we really got an update. A few weeks ago...the mama goat looked pregnant and then they saw (the new twin goat babies) this phrase must be said in a very high pitched voice used only by girls to denote very cute usually baby things. As they drove by they would S L O W down so they see how the babies were doing. They wanted, nay begged, me to call up Mr Wendell and see if they could come visit the goats.

I called to ask and to order wood and I had to leave a message. They were very sad. I promised to call again.

Sunday night we drove home from the movies and who was in our driveway delivering wood but Mr Wendell! The girls almost got of the car before me but wanted me to ask if they could see his goats.

He was thrilled to have someone else want to see his goats. The goats aren't his but his daddy's and he died a year ago. Mr Wendell keeps them to have something his daddy loved.

In the pictures you will see Mr Wendell several times. Mr favorite is when he is playing with Alfred, the big male goat. Mr Wendell gave my folks corn to feed them. Also, notice the pile of rocks, goats love to play 'king to the mountain'. One will get up on top the others will come along and knock them off. The mama goat loved to have her picture taken. Aren't the babies cute? Please notice John and Robert in the pictures too. They would tease the girls about getting the 'goat report' but they didn't want to miss the fun. Marisa's sister, Kaelyn, enjoyed them too.

Kaitlin and Marisa can cross seeing Mr Wendell's goats up close off their bucket list now!

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