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Friday, July 16, 2010

do you need a laugh?

Carl and I am blest to be on the missions committee at our church. As we, as a committee, try to keep the missions conference ever in front of the congregation, we try to think up new ways. KimT came up with this new idea. I think is it a great one!

Bob and Tom were ever so happy to participate in the photo shoot.

They even got Carl to get in a few pictures
Bob made the sign. Do you get the 'plan ahead' ?Doesn't this make you want to join us at the missions conference?


julie said...

Do you have a line-up of missionaries yet?

Jessica said...

If you get a reprint of the one with Carl in it, like KimF said she would get done, can we get a copy too??? I think it would spark so many neat conversations over in 'super conformist' Italy ; )


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