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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All August, All Addie Lou, All clean, All In

We are cleaning the wreck room! Don't faint! I'll post pictures of the before and after. Well, I should say that we plan to attack the wreck room for the month of August- hopefully, we will make a dent!!

I have found lots of pictures of my precious mama! So I plan to tell you stories of my mama during the month of August too!!

This handfull of pictures shows lots of birthdays. My mother loved birthdays. I come by my love of birthdays naturally. My mother knew the preciousness of life all too well- at 30 she buried her first born and at 48 her last born. But that never defined my mother.

Enjoy my mama's smile. Thank God for all you have today!
Charles, Mama, Daddy holding Howard and me
Daddy, Mama, and Charles
Mama on Mother's Day
 What action! This has to be a Friday night because Charles is in his band uniform.
Ronnie, Mama holding John
one of my new favorites of my parents
 Daddy, Yiayia, Mama and Paupo, the day a cousin got married

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