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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She was a writer

This picture shows how I often remember my mama.  My mother loved to write letters.  When she sent birthday cards to her friends, they also got a wonderful letter as she recalled what all had happened and was happening in our lives.  When I left for college at age18 until she died when I was 38, she wrote me a letter every week unless we were together. That's lots of letters!!!  It is on TO-DO list to put the letters in order and get them bound.

Another thing I like about this picture is the books behind my mama.  She had her encyclopedias and a dictionary within her reach so she could look up what she needed.  When I picture my mama today, I see her at her desk with a computer!!  

I always loved this desk.  It has lots of cubbies and drawers.  My mother used this desk for years and then she bought a roll top desk.  When mother died and we were talking about her things and who wanted what- I asked for this desk and my brother, John, said that was great because he wanted the roll top.  So this desk resides at my house now and I fondly think of my sweet mama and all the letters she wrote at it.  

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