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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

John is 25

My mother loved her grandchildren!!  Here are some fun pictures I found as I am cleaning up the wreck room.  The emphasis today will be on John since today is his birthday.  These 25 years have flown by.
This was our Christmas picture one year.  It summed up our life that year.
This was at my mama's 60th birthday party.  Just after this picture John got the cherry off the ice cream.
My boys have always loved football.  Andrew is showing John how to set up the football.
 Our family trip to Williamsburg
this pirate showed up at our house one day, he was wounded and had to use his gun as a crutch
taken 25 years ago today
his senior picture
I love that toothy grin.  John loved his grandmother!
My three dolls.  I love all the hands and feet.

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