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Friday, August 3, 2012

Devil's Lake, ND? why yes it is!

My mama all bundled up!
My mother was born in SD but soon moved to Devils Lake, ND.  If you google Devils Lake, you will find that the population today is a little over 7,000 folks.  Mother always said that she could remember laying in bed at night and hearing the coyotes howling.  Living in ND meant that for Mother's whole life she wore an undershirt from November 1 til May 1, if she didn't, she was chilly.  She tried to make us all wear an undershirt for that time also.  I am sure we did as kids.  When my precious mama died during March of 1996, I was charged with picking out the clothes that she was buried in.  My sweet brother, John, reminded me to get her an undershirt!  

 I had to add the last picture in this group.  It is me and my daddy.  I never knew he was the third Blue's Brother!!!
Sorry this picture is blurry but there is a little Scottie on the porch named Bonnie
All bundled up.  Look at those stockings!
My mama is the young girl on the right

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