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Monday, August 6, 2012

The heart of our home

I love this first picture.  If I had cropped it in close enough you would have just seen smiling faces but if you really look at the picture you will realize that we are in a cemetery.  My daddy wrote on the top the names of all those who are in the picture.  He even listed Ronnie and we are at his grave.  This picture speaks to me of the resiliency of my parents.  They never gave us the feeling that they were victims or that the world had something against them for the loss of their children.  My mother had a small plague in her kitchen that said 'When Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade'.  My parents loved us dearly and I never doubted that.  My mother turned her loss into true appreciation of the children she had.

Here is your laugh for the day!! Notice the cups on the table- Just like Uncle Si in Duck Dynasty!!
I love the smiles on my parents faces.  They loved Howard and celebrated  all his birthdays too!!
I love the hands in this picture.  My parents loved us all.

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