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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My brother John and an eagle named Tiger

My brother, John, was a member of the fraternity at AUBURN that took care of the eagle.  He wanted my daddy to come AUBURN and take his picture with the eagle on his arm.  When John told our daddy that he wanted his picture made, daddy said, "Sure Thing."  When my mother told my daddy that he would have to be in the cage with John and the bird to get the picture, my daddy was not too sure or happy!!  But for the love of a son, my daddy did it.  My mother then sent the picture to a company that made pictures into posters.  She proudly hung that poster up behind her desk.  When folks would see the poster, they would ask, "How did you get that picture?"  My mother would calmly say "Bill took it with a Polaroid." 

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