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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get your socks, shoes and snake.

I came across this picture today and had to write a post about it. This may look like a picture of my beautiful children as we were getting hair cuts one day but look closely.  Do you see John?  Do you see the snake around his neck?  That snake went every with us for several years!  Also, somewhere near John is a big plastic knife because sometimes he needed it to keep the snake in line.

John's favorite movie at this time in his life was Swiss Family Robinson.  He, with his snake and knife in hand would, start the movie.  He watched it poised on the edge of the sofa until....the part in the movie....his favorite part... when Fritz has to wrestle the big snake.  John would throw himself on the floor and he, forevermore, would fight, struggle, gasp for air and fight for his life against the snake.  He would watch the rest of the movie on the sofa because he was worn, slap out.  I was too!!

Once John got the urge to wrestle the snake while we were getting our hair cut.  You must get the picture of this in your mind.
 First, we were not the only ones in the salon.
 Hair was everywhere.
When John wrestled with the snake, it involved rolling and sound effects.
At times if often looked like the snake would win, but John always summoned super human strength and pulled off a victory.

A man in the salon waiting to get his hair cut told me that I had an all boy boy on my hands after he witnessed the snake slaying.  I completely agreed with him.

So now picture me as a young mother getting my children ready to go out the door asking if they have everything...your shoes, your socks, your bookbag, your colors, your snake...

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