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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mining for a Memory in a Photograph

I started reading The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp last night.  It is on the creative habit and how to learn it and use it for life.  One of her exercises is called 'Mining for a Memory in a Photograph'.  I realized that that is what I have been doing with my August blog.  I am mining memories of my mama and my family.  I like that phrase.  I mine memories often.  

To help you mine the photo for today- In the picture are John, Charles and Howard.  Howard never moved or spoke but Howard could laugh.  We all loved to make Howard laugh.  This picture was made in November 1968.  John is 16 and Charles is 13.  Did my mother make them sit and play with a balloon in front of their little brother so he would laugh?  I seriously doubt it.  But what Mother did do is make our home a place where we thought about others.  She often encouraged us that if we were thirsty, get Howard a drink too, because he could never ask for a drink. She always brought Howard into every part of our lives.   I think my brothers had a balloon and they showed it to Howard and he laughed and the game was on.  

Do you mine photographs?  Isn't that a cool thought?

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