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Friday, August 31, 2012

All August, All Addie Lou, Almost Over

I have so enjoyed this month of All August All Addie Lou!! Thank you so much AnnN for the suggestion!!

My mother loved to learn. I never remember a day that I didn't know I would graduate from college.

My mother graduated from college in 1947.  When she went to college she took her ration book from WWII so the dining hall could use her coupons to get food.

My mother was the first in all her family to graduate from college.  And I mean first ever.  What a wonderful legacy she has now- John, Elaine, Charles, Frances, me, Carl, Andrew, Taylor, Kaitlin and John. Plus I wonder how many more of her cousins and their children have now graduated.
This is mama at her 30th  college reunion.  She is on the front right.  The officers are on the front row.
Here she is in 1947.  She is again on the far right.  I love her shoes!

I am struck this month by how all the pictures show that Mama treated Howard just like the rest of us.  She was not bound by his disability.  I knew this but to see it in pictures was so moving.   I didn't realize til this month how many times we went to the cemetery to Ronnie's grave.  I was talking to my brother, John, about this and he said that many years ago he decided to see if he could find the grave.  As soon as he found the cemetery, he drove right to the grave.  He said that he just knew where it was and it had been years since he was there.  I have several pictures of cousins that I plan to send to them.

I didn't get the wreck room cleaned out.  But I did give several bags and things away- like maybe 10.  It is a start.  Hopefully I'll do more in September!!

I hope to get these photos in an album soon so I can enjoy them more often.

My mama was such a special person.  I am sorry you all didn't get to know her.  I hope you know her just a little better through my rambling thoughts in August.

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