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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's lunch

I went to a home party today for clothes. I got there just after Bible Study at 11:30am. I was hungry. There was food on the table. There were nuts, cookies, bread, crackers and a casserole. It looked like maybe potato or grits. Did I mention I was hungry? I got a plate and put several spoons full of the casserole, some crackers, two pieces of bread, some nuts and a cookie. I then got my glass of water. I found a seat in a corner by Peggy. We had a wonderful visit as I dug in to eat. The casserole was some sort of onion and cheese mixture. And it was wonderful. As I had my 5th spoon full of casserole in my mouth I realized that no one was using a spoon but me. Oh, No! It wasn't a delicious casserole but a dip.... A Dip... A Dip?!? How was I to know that? How did they know that and I didn't? I quickly began using my spoon to spread the dip on my bread and that was good to but not as good as just straight up dip. Did anyone see me? I wanted to crawl in a hole. If they did see me they were gracious enough to not say anything or maybe too stunned by my behavior. I was stunned by my behavior.

Oh, well, to quote John Austin, when he was about 5 and I did something stupid, "We all do stupid things, Mama."


fgpuckett said...

That is too funny!

Abbie said...

Ask my mom sometime about when she got a generous scoop of mashed potatoes when she & my dad were visiting Germany years ago....! It happens to everyone at one time or another!! :-)

z said...

oh to be humble and not humiliated. that's one of the toughest things in my book.


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